Should You Obtain a Roomba, Neato Botvac, or Some Other Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

Back in the day we had to push around heavy vacuums, exhausting ourselves, just to pick up a little dirt from our floors but lucky that is no longer our only option. As a society, we have been playing with the idea of robots for a long time and we finally have created bots that can do some of these annoying tasks that we no longer want to spend our time doing. While robots may not have been successful right off the bat, over time they have been perfected and we now have consumer-level robot vacuum cleaners.

So, what is all the buzz about when it comes to robot vacuums? Often called a robovac, they are vacuum cleaning robots that have intelligent programming. Many of these have the ability to learn the layout of your home, learn where stairs are, figure out how to get into tight corners to clean, and some even have more advanced features such as mopping or UV sterilization. In fact, some would argue that these aren’t just vacuum robots but domestic robots!

While the first vacuum cleaning robot was created in 1997, they became first launched by an American company in the year 2002. The American company that produced the robovac in 2002 was iRobot and the model we still know today is Roomba. The Roomba became a success overnight and was immediately in extremely high demand. Quickly a lot more companies such as Neato where building machines such as the neato botvac cnet to compete for this fast expanding market

Many companies have started producing their own versions of the robot vacuum and since 2002, many have come and gone in the marketplace. These vacuums are becoming more and more advanced as time goes on. There are many pros and cons of robot vacuums, as well as pros and cons of different models and manufacturers, and we hope to give you some good information in this article.

There are many benefits to using a robot vacuum over something like an upright vacuum. Frankly, ain’t nobody got time for vacuuming anymore! We all know that time is money, and as time goes on our lives are getting more and more fast-paced. Between work, meal preparation, school for the kids, extracurricular activities, homework and errands, we really don’t want to spend any time on chores like vacuuming! Also, homes are getting larger so vacuuming takes more time than it did in the past. You will have your time freed up to do more important things as Robovacs are operated with minimal maintenance and oversight. Another benefit of robovacs is that they are a great for people with mobility issues. Some people simply hire a housekeeper to do the dreaded chore of vacuum for them, but many people don’t have the option of that luxury. With robot vacs, all they need to do is press a button, set it on the floor and let it do its job. No longer will you need to deal with an annoying vacuum cord as Robovacs charge themselves! When they are done vacuuming, they retreat back to their docking station so they are fresh for the next vacuuming session. Unlike normal upright vacuum cleaners, some robovacs can also detect areas that contain more dirt than others. Upright vacuums have the disadvantage here because unless we are paying close attention, we may miss the extra dirty spots.

The best thing is: while you are away for the day or on vacation, the robovac will clean your house for you. What other vacuum can do that? What a dream it would be to go away on vacation and come home to a house that is fresh and clean, with the help of your little domestic robot. You robot vacuum can run almost unattended for months thanks to the handy feature of programming and scheduling. You get to enjoy the benefits of a clean house and don’t have to give it a second thought.

Another nice thing about robot vacuums is their ability to clean under furniture without having to move it. Most handheld vacuums do not go under furniture well and you usually end up needing to move the furniture all together. Robovacs have no problem cruising around under beds, sofas, coffee tables and more. Is there anything better than having your house automatically vacuumed without needing to do the work yourself? Not much!

You would be a fool though to think that there are no disadvantages when we are talking about crazy progress in consumer technology. Before you go out and buy a robot vacuum, you will want to look at the idea from all sides. While it can be a positive feature that robot vacuums are small, compact and can fit in tiny areas, this can also be a drawback because it means they don’t have a large capacity to store dirt. Robot vacuums, depending on the severity of dirt in your home on a frequent basis, may need to be emptied frequently and require more oversight than you had planned on. While it may look attractive that robot vacuums are auto-charging, they do run on batteries and batteries need to be replaced on occasion. There are also a lot of cheap robot vacuum cleaners on the market (under $100) and these are often not high quality. If you want a quality robot vacuum, be prepared to spend a couple hundred bucks or more, and this is a deal breaker for some people. However, robot vacuum or upright vacuum, if you want quality, be prepared to spend more than $100. I don’t need to remind you that you always get what you pay for. One of the last disadvantages of robot vacuums is that it may suck up small and valuable things that you might find when you are vacuuming, but you robot vacuum won’t give you the chance. Also, if you don’t periodically walk around your house to make sure you pick up anything potentially harmful to your vacuum, it could suck it up and cause damage. There are pros and cons of every vacuum and none of them are right or wrong, just right or wrong you for and your family.

So what are some of the popular robot vacuum brands? The most rusted robot vacuum name is probably the Roomba. Created by iRobot, the Roomba has been on the robot vacuum scene since the early two-thousands. The Roomba robot vacuum has come a very long ways and their most recent model is known as the Roomba 800 Series. The Robo 800 has the most advanced cleaning system ever; at least compared to other robot vacuums. This series really focuses on getting your house cleaner than ever before as it picks up 50% more dirt than prior models. It costs more than their other models but is well worth it.

Similar to the Roomba you will also find Neato Botvacs. These utilize the best filters on the market (in our opinion); the HEPA filter. The Neato Botvac 80 Robot Vacuum is great for dust, allergens and pet hair. The top Neato botvac 65 robotic vacuum model has a dual-purpose brush for pet hair and also vacuuming more quietly on hard floors. This vacuum does its job well as it uses a laser technology to map the area of your house. While the 80 Series is the absolute best, you can find more affordable models that still do an okay job. If you are looking to invest in a high quality vacuum, however, you may want to consider the top model.

There are a couple other brand that are high quality but aren’t as well known as the Roomba or the Neato Botvac and these include Infinuvo, Yujin, LG and more.

So, should you buy a traditional vacuum or try something new and look into a robot vacuum? It really depends on what your wants and needs are. If you are a stick in the mud, then most definitely stick with a traditional vacuum, but try the botvac if you are open to exploration! There are obviously a lot of pros and if you are willing to deal with the occasional cons, you will be a happy camper! It is important to note though that upright vacuums are tried, tested, and improved on and robot vacuums are still relatively new so there may be some kinks that need to be worked out. Don’t feel bad if you aren’t comfortable purchasing a robot vacuum; upright vacuums are pretty efficient and really aren’t all that terrible! It is also commonly agreed upon that as good as robot vacuums sound, they do require more maintenance in the long run.

There are many options of vacuums out there, but we can’t stress enough how important it is to do your own research. Remember that you get what you pay for and that quality is often cheaper in the long run rather than buying cheap vacuums every couple of years. Buy once and don’t worry about a vacuum for years to come!